Introducing member profiles of Maximum The Hormone! Thorough commentary on popular songs and the second store

Maximum The Hormone
"Maximum the Hormone" is a metal rock band formed in Hachioji, Tokyo in 1998.

With a style that incorporates a wide range of songs from intense rock taste songs to songs with catchy melodies, it is popular with a wide range of age groups.

What is Maximum the Hormone?

Maximum the Hormone is a metal band formed in Hachioji, Tokyo in 1998.

When the group first formed, most of the songs had English lyrics, but after the member change, there were many songs with Japanese lyrics, and the melody changed significantly.

At large-scale rock festivals, you can enjoy fun live performances where the audience and members rampage with intense live performances.

Origin of the band name

The origin of the band name comes from the desire to play cool music that maximizes the secretion of substances in the brain, but this origin seems to have been added later.

All the members were meat lovers, so they added the word horumon and the cool word maximum, which is the origin of the band name.

Maximum The Hormone's band name was written in English as Maximum The Hormone when they first formed.

However, it was changed to katakana notation after the member change.

Maximum The Hormone Member Profile

When Maximum the Hormone was formed, it consisted of drummer Nao, vocalist Daisuke Han, guitarist SUGI and bassist KEY.

However, SUGI and KEY left the group, and MAXIMUM THE RYO-kun and Ue-chan joined, making up the current lineup.

Here are the member profiles of Maximum The Hormone.

Maximum the Ryo-kun [Song, 6 Strings and Younger Brother] (Vocal, Guitar)

Real name: Ryo Kawakita
Date of birth :December 13, 1978
Birthplace :Kanagawa Prefecture
blood type: O

Maximum the Ryo is in charge of most of the guitar vocals and music production.

He also produces goods and designs official websites, and is a versatile talent.

He hates wearing shoes, so he always wears VIC brand toilet sandals.

Daisuke-han [Squeaky Loud] (Vocal)

Real name :Daisuke Tsuda
Date of birth: September 13, 1977
Birthplace: Kagawa Prefecture
Blood type: A

Daisuke-han is in charge of shouts such as Death Voice.

Daisuke-han was in charge of music production when the group was first formed, but since Maximum the Ryo-kun joined, he has focused on shouting.

Depending on the song, he may play the drums, and is characterized by powerful drumming.

Although he has undergone vocal cord surgery and a herniated disc in his cervical spine, he will liven up the venue with a powerful live performance that does not make you think of those.

Ue-chan [4 strings] (bass)

Real name :Futoshi Uehara
Date of birth :April 15, 1980
Birthplace: Tokyo
Blood type: A

Ue-chan is in charge of the bass.

He is a big fan of Red Chili, and has all the tattoos of the Red Chili members on his body, so he is also called a Red Chili.

In addition, he is the most slender among the members and is the exact opposite of the name Futoshi, so he is often teased.

Drummer Akira Uehara is a real brother, and he also does sessions for magazines.

Nao [drums, female voice and older sister] (drums, vocals)

Real name: Kumamoto Nao
Date of birth :December 16, 1975
Birthplace :Kanagawa Prefecture
Blood type: A

Nao is in charge of drums and vocals.

As an original member of Maximum the Hormone, he often appears in the media and livens up the scene with his lighthearted talk.

She is the older sister of Maximum the Ryo, and is famous for being on good terms with her.

Powerful drums and singing voice are Nao's best weapons, and they give Maximum the Hormone a wider range of expression.

What is Maximum the Hormone’s second store (Coronanamoremomo)?

Coronanamoremomo is a band that stands as the second branch of Maximum The Hormone, and is like an official copy band of Maximum The Hormone.

Maximum the Hormone started a franchise system in 2019, and the members who won the audition are working as members of Coronanamoremomo.

Coronanamoremomo is characterized by not playing songs other than Maximum the Hormone, and not performing live in Ibaraki prefecture, which is the base of Maximum the Hormone.

Origin of the band name

The unusual band name Coronanamoremomo was named by the owner Sasashima Sasa (Maximum the Ryo-kun).

The band name was decided because the word "kotteri" that Maximum the Hormone often uses becomes COTTELEE when written in English, and this word looks like coronanamoremomo in katakana.

The reason why I didn't make it sound like Maximum the Hormone is because I wanted people who don't know about Maximum the Hormone to listen to Coronanamoremomo and think that this band is cool.

Maximum The Hormone 2nd store member profile

Most of the members of Coronanamoremomo, the second branch of Maximum The Hormone, are active as singers and support members of various bands.

Therefore, not only the skill of the instrument, but also many arrangements have been added, and you can enjoy the goodness that is different from Maximum the Hormone.

Here, I will introduce the member profile of Coronanamoremomo.

Sekihan [Noisy person and female voice] (Vocal)

Date of birth :August 13, 1983
Birthplace: Mie Prefecture
Blood type :B
Height :169cm

Seki-han is in charge of the vocals and is Daisuke-han's position in Maximum the Hormone.

Sekihan is active as a singer and as a vocalist with a good head, so many people may know.

She can produce a wide range of voices, from masculine voices to cute female voices, which is called the voice of the seven colors, which gives the songs a variety of essences.

Takuma [song and 6 strings] (guitar, vocal)

Date of birth: unknown
Birthplace: Kanagawa Prefecture
Blood type: unknown
Height :unknown

Takuma is in charge of guitar vocals, and takes the position of Maximum The Hormone's Maximum The Ryo.

It seems that he is similar to the old Maximum the Ryo in that he is not good at crowds and dislikes standing in front of people.

However, when he stands on the stage, he sings with a lively expression like a different person, which is impressive.

Wakazaemon [4 Strings and Song] (Bass, Vocal)

Date of birth :September 29, 1997
Birthplace: Iwate Prefecture
Blood type: unknown
Height :153cm

Wakazaemon is in charge of bass and plays Ue-chan's position in Maximum the Hormone.

Ever since Wakazaemon was in college, it's always been midnight. A talented bassist who was also active as a support bassist for Suga Shikao.

Omaki [Drums, Songs and Nitanita] (drums, vocals)

Date of birth :August 13, 1983
Birthplace :unknown
Blood type :unknown
Height :unknown

Omaki is in charge of drums and vocals, and holds the position of Nao in Maximum the Hormone.

Before joining Coronanamoremomo, he was uploading drum performance videos of Maximum the Hormone songs on YouTube, and they were popular for their high quality.

The intense drum phrases and the way he plays the drums with a smile are impressive.

Nao seems to be the drummer he admires, so he must have been very happy when he passed the coronanamoremomo exam.





DANGER×DEER [5th Part DJ] (DJ)

Date of Birth :July 31, 1989
Birthplace :Gifu Prefecture
Blood type :unknown
Height: unknown

DANGER×DEER is in charge of the DJ, and it is an original part not found in Maximum the Hormone.

When he's active as a member of Corona More Momo, he wears a costume, so his face can't be seen, but he usually works under the name DJKSUKE, and has performed at the world's largest DJ festival. He is a famous DJ.

Currently, he is active as a DJ as well as a producer.

Popular songs sung by members of Maximum the Hormone

MAXIMUM THE HORMONE is a band with a charm that incorporates various music genres based on death metal. They are also a band that made famous violent music genres such as death metal, which were not very familiar in Japan. If you listen to Maximum the Hormone’s music, you may find a new favorite music genre. Here are some popular songs from Maximum the Hormone.


F is a coupling song of Claw Claw Claw released in 2008.

It is a song with the theme of Frieza from Dragon Ball, and was also used as a song in the Dragon Ball play.

It is a song packed with the goodness of Maximum the Hormone, such as bass slap and melodic guitar phrases.

Nao's two-bass phrase is cool and gives the song a lot of intensity.

It is a song that is very popular with fans as a song that is exciting even at live performances.

Tsume Tsume Tsume(Claw Claw Claw)

Tsume Tsume Tsume(Claw Claw Claw) is a song released in 2008.

It was also used as the theme song for NTV's music fighter MUSICFIGHTER.

The development from the intense death voice and shout of the A melody and B melody to the melodic chorus is impressive.

The melody that changes in one song, such as rap and breakdown, is a habit.

It is no exaggeration to say that this song is the representative song of Maximum the Hormone.

maximum the hormone

The MV for maximum the hormone was released in 2011. The first fake MV of this MV, Little Kimite, became a big topic with 1.24 million views in 3 days after its release. While incorporating whisper voices and phrases like sutras, the song is finished with a high degree of perfection. The playful promotion and the melody that develops over and over make you feel like Maximum the Hormone.


Koi no Megaraba(Koi no Mega Lover)

Koi no Megaraba (Koi no mega Lover)is the 7th single released in 2006.

It was used as the theme song for CDTV, and entered the top ten of the Oricon chart for the first time with this single.

It is characterized by a sudden change to a heavy bass and intense melody from the pop and catchy melody and the end of the chorus.

It is a song that skillfully combines the opposite music genres of pop and death metal.

The members of Maximum The Hormone are powerful in their songs and people! Let’s pay attention to the members of the second store

Maximum the Hormone is a band that popularized the death metal music genre in Japan.

By incorporating elements of pop and punk into death metal, which can be difficult to listen to, it has become a more familiar tune.

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